Where most maps in Openstreetmap?

Blog OpenGeoData was published a short report on how much mapper is actively involved in the project OpenStreetMap or how much editing was done mapper unique in the country. Data were collected for two months with a deadline of September 30. It is not surprising that Germany has won ... there are eight very polpulární. Second place went to Great Britain, a country of origin OSM. Third place France.

The entire report can be seen in the article, or as a PDF.

For comparison, I created a table in which I took into account the size of the state of active mapper. The result is the number one mapper manages square kilometers. Value sqrt APM / 2 is the value of how much mapper has traveled to get to the territory of his colleagues :)

APM = Area per Mapper

Koláčový Graf zobrazující aktivní mapování za poslední 2 měsíce

A pie chart showing the active mapping for the last 2 months

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  1. Viktor says:

    I do not know where to write. I work quite a lot with maps from OpenStreetMap. Everything absolutely super. Modeling I have my own house (nicely, but Google probably never will), but should promulgate something like "Ropak" of the cartographic material. Personally, I deleted all the lines that depict the cadastral boundary. It is everywhere, not useless, these boundaries often create communication paths, and then they overlap. Are you often in "green" and on a small display can often zpletete border village / locality with path. And more than once I could stop laughing when my colleague ctyrkolkar is ignited pointing to a PC, both in Romania could follow by GPS this route into the mountains (I thought that's the way) and how far it managed to finish. "But here's a fact he was no longer", he said.
    When I told him that's not the way, but only administrative boundaries, looking at how ... yeah exactly.
    I also quite fundamentally revamped structure defined detail. When a dam smaller details that on the display remains only way, but even the smallest, because the contour and administrative boundaries me really at that moment not interested (contour-vidim know that there is krpál like a pig.), So I will disappear roads and paths . There's plenty of clever heads. Would not it somehow prestrukturovat definition detail "highest / high / medium / etc." More or less, this feature is totally unusable. Because when you can share maps from OpenStreetMap and put it processed greatest work da erase all those administrative "bullshit". And when you constantly growing information should be thematically means to filter the data. Have a nice 2012, Viktor

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